Summer Penile Syndrome: An Itchy Red Penis Situation

With hot acclimate here, it’s time for guys to get alfresco and adore the summer. It aswell agency that some guys may appear down with an acquisitive red penis problem, conceivably admitting their best efforts at authoritative their penis bloom in the able fashion. While sometimes that red penis may be acquired by sunburn acquired by acquaintance a accouterment alternative beach, in added cases it may be what is alleged Summer Penile Syndrome.

Summer Penile Syndrome

Sometimes alleged “Lion’s Mane Penis” and scientifically declared as melancholia astute hypersensitivity reaction, Summer Penile Syndrome is classified as a pediatric condition; however, there are bound cases of the action occurring in boyish and developed males as well.

So what is Summer Penile Syndrome? It about is apparent by a actual bloated and actual red penis and/or testicles. It aswell is usually accompanied by an acute charge to scratch. Sometimes the action lasts alone for a day or two, but in added cases it may go on for two to three weeks.

What causes this itchy, bloated red penis? In about all cases, it is acquired by getting apathetic by a chigger on the penis or testicles.


A chigger is a tiny little red bug (sometimes alleged a red mite or a autumn mite) – usually too baby to absolutely be apparent afterwards a accumulative glass. They are arachnids, acceptation associates of the aforementioned ancestors as spiders, that accept tiny claws that accredit them to dip into the derma of a being and absolutely adhere on. When they bite, their saliva enters a person’s physique and kills derma cells, which the chigger again feeds off of. This causes the redness, abscess and crawling associated with Summer Penile Syndrome.

Chiggers reside outdoors and are all over the dupe and fields that humans roam through during the summer months. Since humans tend to be dressed in shorts and short-sleeved shirts in the summer, the chiggers can calmly admission the derma they desire. They will clamber on a being until they acquisition an breadth that seems appropriate to them – thus, it’s simple for a chigger to get on a guy’s leg, clamber assimilate his penis and bite. And, of course, men who go out into attributes bare are authoritative their penises a abundant easier ambition for a athirst chigger.


As stated, a lot of times Summer Penile Syndrome occurs in adolescent boys rather than in men. It is accepted that something in the maturation process, conceivably the absolution of testosterone in copious amounts, somehow prevents chigger bites on the penis from developing into an acquisitive red penis.

However, while developed cases are rare, they do occur. Men who acquaintance an acquisitive red penis afterwards spending time outdoors should accede that a chigger may be responsible.


The action generally resolves itself afterwards a day or two, but some cases can abide abundant longer. Consulting a doctor is advised. The doctor will a lot of acceptable acclaim some balmy treatment, about in the anatomy of an antihistamine and algid compresses.

There can be added causes than Summer Penile Syndrome for an acquisitive red penis, such as dry skin. Regular appliance of a aboriginal amount penis bloom crème (health professionals acclaim Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically accurate balmy and safe for skin) can advice accord with abounding accepted penis derma issues. Itchiness, bloom and flakiness are beneath acceptable to action if the derma is able-bodied moisturized, so application a crème that includes a aggregate of a high-end analgesic (like Shea butter) and a accustomed hydrator (like vitamin E) is suggested. The derma will aswell be convalescent if a crème contains a almighty antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid. This helps action the oxidative accent that can anon age and contraction penis skin.